We are less than a month away from our virtual dance concerts. It's time for all dances to be filmed at home by you, to be edited by our team of experts and then premiered at our virtual dance concerts happening Saturday, June 20th 2020.

11:00am - 1ST “LET’S DANCE” CONCERT (3-4 yrs.)

12:30pm - DANCEWORKS STUDIO CONCERT (5-18 yrs.)


All dancers are required to film themselves from Saturday, May 30th - Friday, June 5th. BEFORE FILMING PLEASE REVIEW OUR INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. All submissions MUST be completed by Friday, June 5th to be included.

The Five S's For Filming


  • All filming should be done outside in the backyard or open grass area.

  • Check the weather before filming, bright sunny days are preferred. 

  • Be mindful of distractions such as pets, siblings, sports nets, backyard toys, etc.


  • ALL FILMING MUST BE DONE IN A STATIONARY HORIZONTAL FORMAT - Computers are preferred. If using a cell phone place horizontally in one place without moving.  

  • All dancers should be at least 10 feet away from the camera to ensure we can see their entire body while dancing. If we can't see your feet, you're too close. 

  • DO A TEST: Before filming the choreography, do a test video to get an idea of your space. How far can you go to the right/left? If you go to the ground will we see you?

  • HAVE A BUDDY: Have a family member be ready to press play for you on both your music and camera so that you can be ready in their opening shape. 

  • If you are meant to be off stage, be sure to remove yourself from the shot. 


  • Play your music on your computer or on a blue tooth device near the computer. 

  • Reduce background noise as much as possible. 


  • Before recording, close your eyes and imagine that you are on stage. 

  • All dancers should perform 100% full out and do the dance in 1 take as they would while performing on the stage. 

  • Remember to smile, be bold, dance beautifully, and give it all you've got! 



  • All videos should be uploaded to Google Drive HERE.

    • Navigate to the day of the week

    • Navigate to the class name

    • Add completed video to individual dancer's folder. 

  • Should you have any comments to share about your video please email kayladanceworks@gmail.com

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