Global Dance Exchange Program

Global Dance Exchange

Global Dance Exchange looks forward to collaborating globally with dancers in all genres of dance and offer each individual dancer a specifically designed dance program for their individual needs and goals. 

Past Initiatives

  • Summer 2016: United Lebanon Youth Program, Baalbek, Lebanon taught 6 dance classes to children 6-13 yrs. in two separate refugee camps.

Past Initiatives (continued)

  • Summer 2014: CapeTown, South Africa. Kathy and Taylor Carey offered three seperate dance workshops throughout CapeTown, South Africa. 

    • Dance for All, Modern technique training for pre-professional to professional dancers.

    • American Red Cross Children's Hospital, working with healing movement modalities for burn victims.

    • Jikeleza, CapeTown, South Africa, teaching both jazz and modern technique to children ages 7 thru 18 years. 

  • Summer 2008: Ghana, Africa. Kathy taught liturgical dance at Redemption Hour Faith Ministry School in Ghana, Africa for children thru teens. The students workshop consisted of modern dance training, choreography, and liturgical dance. We performed our works at the end of our two week immersion. 

Sponsoring Reine

DanceWorks Studios in collaboration with NAWAYA NGO, took the initiative to bring Reine, a young dancer from Lebanon, to the USA to study dance at DanceWorks Studios. 

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