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What is Dance?

Dance is truly so many things. When one initially thinks of dance, they may think it is connected to movement, vibration, musicality, rhythm, physicality, space & body awareness, just to name a few. Within each of these elements is many years of continuous studies, hard work, focus, creativity, passion and dedication. It is the continued choice to be physical despite the inner makings of ones internal state. I often refer to dance as my "therapy," the sacred space I can enter regardless of what is going on around me. Here, I can openly & freely explore without hesitation or fear.

One will often hear me say “get the funk out!”

I honestly mean just that: move all things that are taking up physical and mental space in our bodies that are no longer serving us. Also, I love that as artists we get to celebrate the good in our lives through movement. Dance serves as an outlet for me to continually and openly create an environment that is safe for all to enter without hesitation, knowing & believing something truly magical will take place. It is a time to let go, build self esteem, create bonds with others through physical connection, laugh, cry, frown, smile and feel something.

Dance creates a sense of community that goes way beyond a simple handshake or business lunch. When a relationship is formed through dance from the onset with authenticity, honesty and the desire to collaborate, a beautiful relationship is formed. I do, however, feel strongly that it is our individual responsibility as artists to create and find our own unique style, teachings, and way in which we create our “dance communities." It is important to find your own fingerprint. I am grateful that there is only one for each of us. My dance journey is one that I am very blessed to share with the many students, teachers, mentors, colleagues, families and friends. Dance connects us in ways that bring continued joy and connection to those of us who remain authentic in our teachings and live with a heart filled with gratitude.

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